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Hi Bearsmom – wow, this thread is moving at the speed of light! To answer your questions way back several entries, YES – based on my experience, acne is totally connected to SIBO. I had acne & rosacea (and of course was prescribed antibiotics). After a month or so on the FTD diet for my LPR, not only did the LPR subside but I noticed my skin was clearer, and after another month or two it completely cleared up. Friends and family even commented on how good I looked. If I eat breads/starches/grains/potatoes, the acne/rosacea will flare back up again (and so will the LPR). I investigated the gluten connection, but even gluten-free grains seemed to cause problems. At the beginning of the diet, I searched for all sorts of bread & grain alternatives. But after finding out how much better I feel without them, and research and information about inflammation caused by grains & sugars, I just decided to stick to a somewhat Paleo version of the FTD diet. Once I decided on a lifestyle change and concentrated on the good benefits, I really don’t miss the grains/starches/sugars. I don’t have any energy slumps anymore – I stay steady all day long. I am not completely strict (say, eat a piece of thin-crust pizza but not the outer edge if that is what the day’s schedule brings), but I try to keep those things to a minimum.

Yes, you can adjust the two-week diet to fit your needs as long as you stay within the general guidelines. I did not eat some of the things on the menu, if I did not like them or could not find them in the Mid-west. Or switch up the meals on different days if that’s what fit my schedule. For breakfast, I currently alternate between a smoothie made with full-fat Greek yogurt and blueberries or mango (invested in a “smoothie to go” machine to make mornings easier), or eggs with greens/shitakes/red peppers/cheese based on how busy my morning is. I am fortunate (but my wallet isn’t) to have a Fair-trade/local food coffee shop next to my office that offers a breakfast sandwich made of eggs, sausage, cheese, onion, spinach and tomato. It does come on an English muffin (good on the FP scale), but I take one of the slices off and eat it open-faced to keep the grain exposure low.