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I agree as a starting point this diet is FAR superior to the one commonly subscribed for IC and I applaud the author for making this so easy to access and follow. The background on other diets and their pitfalls is clear and it makes sense. However – when you’re talking about IC, as apposed to just SIBO, you are talking about auto immune activation to some extent and a severely compromised system.

The author says: My approach is to control inflammation and leaky gut by the Fast Tract Diet first, instead of trying to limit every food possible that might exhibit cross reactivity or elicit an antibody response. If we have rabbits getting into our garden, we could choose to eliminate them, or we could fix the fence.

However, if the fence is being irrevocably damaged by a gluten rabbit – you’d need to get rid of that rabbit before fixing the fence! Not all people will have a gluten sensitivity. But a lot will with IC, it can be like a silent fire in the gut with no real symptoms of ‘intolerance’, and more and more research is pointing to the evidence of it being a cornerstone in auto immune disease and disease in general. Therefore I think it is still worth raising because of the nature of IC. Yes taking out everything shouldn’t be necessary, and people won’t always have the inclination or means to test, but they should be aware of the potential implications of gluten for their recovery. Just like my mum’s approach, and your specialists approach, this authors approach has brilliant pieces of the puzzle, but you cannot cut and paste approaches for unique individuals.

For example using aspartame and artificial sweeteners as recommended – would in someone immune compromised with IC be a total disaster. This isn’t a criticism, just a reminder I think that for each of us there’s a need to find our own path and knowledge and not wholly rely on one approach. There are some GAPS principles that I think are crucial for IC healing. Some are wholly inappropriate. Same with auto immune paleo. We are so unique that I do think the best route for all is to learn as much as we can about all these fantastic routes then under guidance if possible – see what works for our own individual biochemistry and healing.