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I would like to add something that hasn’t been mentioned yet just in case it helps anyone! My mum is one of the Dr’s mentioned here having success with IC/SIBO/Candida
A HUGE issue she sees time and again in resistant cases of SIBO, candida and IC – is gluten sensitvity and cross reactive gluten foods. This is a new test, far far more sensitive than the old crappy coeliac tests.http://www.cyrexlabs.com/
Explanation of it in laymans terms:
Basically if you are gluten sensitive, your body, once that reaction is activated – even if gluten is taken out, can still stay in its state of inflammation and antibody production – due to thinking you’re still ingesting gluten because you have been eating a cross reactive food.
I think some of the new tests we have for so called ‘environmental illnesses’ are truly wonderful. You don’t have to spend a fortune and have everything. But gaining a real picture of the inflammation, intolerances, current yeast/bacteria levels – not only helps design the appropriate protocol, but also then helps you measure your progress. It also guides a practitioner to know when to sign you off as healed. Rather than ‘asymptomatic’ with underlying weakness still that could well relapse. Having followed a treatment approach with no testing for quite some time – I don’t believe it is safe longer term. Get under the guidance of someone who can really root out the CAUSE of this. Many great naturopaths are onto this and can support you.

My mum is finding this gluten connection in a great deal of IC/IBS/IBD patients, and when they remove the offending cross reactive foods, the system can calm, and SIBO and Candida respond much better to treatment, as does the entire immune system. She also tests for intoelrances ect. Anything that is undermining progress.

Personally I feel anyone with an illness that is showing any signs of auto immunity, fatigue, joint, gut, neurological signs, should not be eating gluten. I think in the coming years the knowedge emerging about gluten’s role in creating auto immune responses and gut permeability will be much more meanstream as we are starting to look increasingly at the human microbiome and its role in our health and disease. Another article for anyone as geeky as me interested in this:

Interestingly I keep seeing how IC is this HUGELY complex terrible long term illness to treat. It is only my humble opinion (of which many are wrong so please don’t let this offend you!) – but I do actually disagree. If you find the root and you have the right approach because you’ve systematically searched and found that cause/causes – then the fire in the immune reaction and inflammation should begin to go out and gut begin to heal, and consequently everything else. I write this as someone who had/has IC also and has learnt a great deal along the way. I don’t want to mimimise anyone’s suffering or experience in any way. I know only too well how hard it is. I mean this purely from the perspective of how it is treated.

just bought the book and hugely interested in incorperating elements into my program! will probably come back with a boat load of questions. Reading the forums is really interesting its a lovely environment!