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I am new to the diet and just started it myself. I use magnesium oxide myself. It is not absorbed but draws water into the intestine. Right now I HAVE to have magnesium to move my bowels as my body adjusts to this diet.

Are you already following the Fast Track Diet? If so, and you are not getting the results you want, I think there is no harm in taking out all the supplements and then adding them back one at a time, after you get to a better baseline? If you are not using the FTD yet, then maybe start there?

In my 2+ years of health reasearch for my own health issues, I have come to realize, that if the gut is working well and you are absorbing nutrients, then staying active (and sitting less!!), drinking water, moderating alchohol and sugar consumption, eating the whole foods outlined here, and managing stress are going to go the furthest in protecting your heart 🙂