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Jaeme, THANKS!! Your support is invaluable.

Yes, I am used to eating a lot of salads and sauteed greens with a dab of butter. I eat yellow squash or zuchinni too (I think Norm said one half cup serving is ok?). For a snack, I had been eating about 10 cashews. I was having some cashews with each meal, per my doctor, because my constipation. But I read somewhere norm suggested to watch the nuts. I guess if I keep to his recommendation of no more than 2 ounces per day, that is 30 cashews. I think I should stay underneath that! I love avocodo too but will watch my portions.

My favorite easy breakfast is plain, full fat greek yogurt and blueberries (listed in his first menu recommendation). Do you think it is ok if I eat this most mornings and not follow all of the breakfast ideas? I have to get the kids to school!

Also, Ihave been meaning to ask Norm (eek, he gets so many questions from me!) about maybe a link between SIBO and acne. I realize acne is a very complicated thing, but I have had it for as long as I have had IBS, which is probably 25 years. I have oily skin and my skin clogs very easily (not the cystic/hormonal kind of acne at all). And it is DRY underneath the oil. Lovely. I hope this will improve too!!