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Hi circusmama – I am with bearsmom. I drink coffee with cream, tea, herbal tea and water. After 10 months on the FTD diet, I can add a splash of 100% juice to the water for flavor and can now have dry red wine and dry hard cider. Prior to this I only drank about the same as above for 15 years (gave up soda, processed drinks, juices at full strength etc.) I did used to put sugar in the coffee and honey in tea, but now that I have cut most sugar from my diet, I like coffee and tea just fine without it. Since lemons are okay on the FTD diet, you could add that to your water for some flavor.

Bearsmom- Norm advises staying away from processed foods made from rice until your digestion is healed (including noodles, rice cakes, etc.), unless you can be sure of what type of rice they are made from (many could be made from high FP rice). For a similar crunch and saltiness, I found the Nut Thins crackers tolerated well.