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Jaeme thank you SO MUCH! If I did not have yours and Pam’s support, I might be tempted not to stick with the diet. It goes against a few of my doctors recommendations, and even though she is spot on about a lot of things, she tends to use fiber-type things to keep my bowels moving like cashews, green apples, etc… now I know to back off on that stuff. I would love any tips you have on constipation. I have been relying on magnesium and hope that will not have to go on forever. I would love to see this nightmare of bloating come to and end. I am so tired of it. I used to be a fitness instructor, and for 2 years I have not fit in any of my clothes. I look 4 months pregnant by the end of the day!

Jaeme is there somewhere in the book that mentions how many ounces or grams of rice to eat, besides the 1/2 cup? I ordered a kitchen scale. THANKS!