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Hi Bearsmom – Yes, only two days on the diet is rather short, and there will be adjustment periods as the microbes “battle it out” for dominance and re-balance (don’t get discouraged as this can go off and on for a few months, but should get progressively better). And yes, if you look at the FP points for different rices, they vary from -3 for Jasmine to very high for Basmati. I steer clear of rice unless I know exactly what kind it is (of course cooking only Jasmine at home), and Norm advised the same even when it comes to rice products like noodles and cereal (could be made from any type of rice). As a general rule, Indian food is usually Basmati but Thai food is often Jasmine (I get some really weird stares and responses when I ask at restaurants, including “The bag says white rice”). Norm does advise to try small amounts of the rice, stop for a while if it bothers you, try again and then after two weeks try to add in a little more. Use a digital kitchen scale rather than measuring cups, as the weight can vary widely depending on how you pack the measuring cup, amount of water in the rice, etc.

Eggs do not bother me at all, and I eat them quite often now. But since the FTD diet showed me my problem is starch/whole grain digestion, I was fortunate that other trigger groups like lactose & fructose do not bother me. So I keep bread/grains/beans to a minimum, and take an amylase enzyme and Beano if I eat those foods.

For the first several months I took some supplements that helped, ate a lot of lacto-fermented foods, drank lots of water. I cut back on the supplements as my digestive tract healed. I still take a probiotic (very important to get one that is labeled “delayed release” or “enteric coated” so it makes it into the intestine -otherwise its digested in the stomach and is worthless). I will post again in the next day or two with a complete list of what I took.