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Pam, THANKS! Thanks for sharing your story. IC is a horrid chronic condition. And the treatment options in the west are beyond barbaric (instillations, TENS, vicodin, anti anxiety and depression medications. Just horrible). I found my doctor within 2 months of getting IC and credit her with getting me to where I am now. I hope to have further improvements now with Norm’s guidelines. I know I have low stomach acid, probably inadequate bile production, impaired motility because of the microflora changes. This all started in my early 20s. This is something people really, really need to get a sense of. Chronic health problems are the result of accumilated assults on the body, particularly on gut flora, through multiple exposures and lifestyle/behaviour.

I hope Norm’s webmaster can add a feature whereby peope can contact eachother outside the forum as an option. I can tell you a lot more about my treatment if you have any setbacks the ICAMA doctors could be an option for you.

Thanks for your input and support!!!