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Just to kind of let you know how sick I was. After 10 years of IC and trying everything, I was to the point of a surgical option called an Interstim Device. The Device is an electronic pacemaker for the bladder, this involved implanting a pacemaker into my butt cheek and electrodes that extended into the sacrum into the spinal cord. From there I would operate my bladder thru a remote control device. This is how bad my IC was. I am bringing this up so you can understand why my IC was so extreme that I was looking for some serious treatment. I cannot even describe to you how emotionally distraught I was over this. I just could not do this and cancelled my surgery 4 days before the procedure.
Fast forward, the SIBO connection where I researched and found the IC/SIBO connection, was tested and have this. Because my IC and pain were so severe I took Rifaximin for 10 days. We are all fairly educated about the dangers of antibiotics, but, this was an extreme case where I did not want to mess with this problem. And, Rifaximin is allegedly 95% absorbed into the gut, not really systemic, one of the reasons it probably costs so much. After this 10 day treatment the pain has subsided dramatically but still having bowel issues so under the guidance of my nutritionist I went on two herbal antibiotics berberine and allicin (chemical derivative of garlic). And my diet was very extreme, I think I told you already how strict that was.
I am telling you this to give you a background on what I did to get a grip on this monster. I am today using Norm’s diet as a maintenance. If you are not feeling any pain since beginning Norm’s diet it is the first step towards healing so if I were you I would stay on course. As I recall during my healing it was two steps forward one step back and it took me about 3 months before I really saw big changes.
Hope this helps?