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Pam and Jaeme

Sorry to post a general question here but I am just starting out. My worst symptoms are gas and bloating. As soon as I start eating lunch and dinner, I start getting a very gurgly lower abdomen and have gas. I have had two days following the diet but just got the jasmine rice today, so have not made any yet. I was eating 1/2 cup per day of white rice cereal which seems to have a high GI and carbs. It is just called “Cream of Rice” so maybe it is not the right kind. I am still having bloating and gas after two days. Is it just too early for me to expect results, given that I have had SIBO for at least 2 years? I am thinking maybe I should try the jasmine for a few days and if not, go back to meat and veggies. Not sure how long it would be good to do that? Also, did eggs bother either of you? I don’t know if they are giving me problems. Thanks for your thoughts!