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Pam, thanks for all your thoughts on gut resting and rice! Sorry for all the questions..

How long did you eat only meat and veggies?

Did you eat any cheese or nuts? I seem to tollerate them ok? But I have bloating all the time, but these foods do not bother my bladder? I also eat full fat greek yogurt for breakfast but keeping that to 1/2 cup//

Did you have constipation at first? How did you address this? You said you started having good BMs after 3 months. I drink water and eat lots of green veggies and cashews and take 800mg of zinc at night. But I often only have one BM which does not seem adequate!!

Hmmm Jaeme is recommending the jasmine rice, and you are saying you started without any. Jaeme was in ketosis. I am not sure how to proceed. I guess I will start with 1/2 cup jasmine rice at one meal and see if my bloating will come down. If it does not, I guess I will have to take it out for a while and keep protien at 20%.