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Thanks for following this Norm!!

IC is one of those incredibly complex chronic illnesses, effecting 4-8 million people in the US alone, mostly women (although maybe 12-20% men). It is so poorly understood by the western medical community and many of us suffering with it have turned to alternative or self-treatment, as I am sure you have gathered by now. It is surely the evil step child of SIB0/IBS. At a minimum IC has very uncomfortable symptomology. AT its worst, people are peeing 60 times per day, have severe pelvic pain, and are house bound and bed bound. Intimacy becomes not an option. It is no joke. If your diet could make an impact on this debilitating illnesss that is starting to affect younger and younger people, this in my opinion would be such a huge, huge thing. Perhaps a research study is in the cards. You would have NO trouble getting subjects. This is a desperate group.