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Initially I did not have any carbs it was difficult. Literally just meats and more meats YUCK. For my other proteins I depended on the Vegasport. And as for pears, oddly, one of the fruits that they said is ok for IC, is SIBO bad so I stay away from pears and apples. The only fruits I eat are pineapple, berries and tangerines. Fairly limited but I also love lemons and have those daily.

Also for a sweet drink and not sure if okay with Robillard but I try Pellegrino mineral water it is carbonated, add a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice and then one packet organic stevia, viola a sweet drinK.

On the probiotics I am just now trying Natural Factors Acidophilus and Bifidus.

And, I think that not only in Robillards book but also in Pimentels book is this idea of the cleansing wave. So when you eat, eat well and then let your gut rest.