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Hi Norm,
Sorry for the confusion, LOL, hense the perils of cutting and pasting on the internet. The Yeast-free white rice bread is a pre-made loaf that Ener-G sell. You can buy it on line at many websites. It is double wrapped with a dessicant for a 1 year shelf life. Once you open it of course, it needs to be consumed within a week or so and I think should be refridgerated. It is a convenience food for sure! But actually tastes a bit like sourdough when toasted (Must be toasted, LOL). Once slice has 15 carbs, 2 grams of fiber, 0 sugars.

Ingredients in the product are: Filtered water, white rice flour, high oleic safflour oil, leavaning, methycellulose, sodium caroxymethycelluslose, salt, orange citrus fiber.

I think all of this is to try to get at the texture of traditionally leavened bread.