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Pam I cant tell you how exciting it is to hear that your bloating resolved. This is by far my worst symptom. I really, really, really hate it and don’t fit my clothes!!!

Pam, when you started did you consume some carbs? And how many? I am trying a little white rice cereal (about 1/2 cup=100 calories) per day, at breakfast. Dr. Brizman says carbs at night are not as good with candida, as it just feeds the candida and the energy from the carbs are not utilized while sleeping.

Also, for fruit now I am doing only 1/3 cup of blueberries or raspberries. I do miss pear, since it is pear season. Do you find 1/3-1/2 a pear reasonable to stay in the low FP limits? Or did you leave most fruit out?

Pam, as for the probiotics, along with SIBO, those with IC usually have SEVERE leaky gut, so the probiotics (and yes especially home made fermented veggies) slip through the tight junction right into our lymphatic system and cause EXTREME inflammation and immune response. This is why Dr. Brizman starts with micro-doses on single strain probiotics, in particular Natren Megadophilus, Natren Bifido, and Natren Digesta-lac for some, and in that exact order. When using single strains it is easier to see how the probios are acting on symptoms. Mega had been good for me but now stops me up. Bifido is workign for me right now, (I am still on anti-fungals) and bifido improves paristalsis. Dr. Robillard mentions SBOs might be beneficial for SIBO and IBS, but my doctor does not use SBOs and she always uses the acid-forming probiotics in combinations with her herbs to balance out the doses. This is the way of Chinese Medicine!! Each probiotic has different properties so she is always carefully combining and balancing.