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Pam, you are very kind to post in such detail. Thanks so much for that! I am so excited about the wine, but want to get my sibo under control first. Another area for you to look if you have continuing symptoms, is candida albicans overgrowth. The list of symptoms for candida overgrowth is VERY long and of course it overlaps with SIBO symptoms in some cases so it can be a bit confusing. But Dr. Brizman finds candida overgrowth in almost every case, and uses SF 722 from Thorne Research Labs in combinations with other things.

In her 20 years of treating IC, she has found SOY to be VERY BAD for IC. Also, because of our compromised gut health, ingesting raw fish can be really problematic. Even the best quality sushi harbors viruses and pathogens and I would steer clear.In Chinese Medicine, soy is cold and constricting. A little hard to understand for a westerner, but best to avoid it most of the time. If you want to eat sushi, AVOID the soy sauce, consider limiting the raw fish and opt for the veggie sushi, and consume the ginger always with the sushi, to aid digestion. Also, fungal foods, such as peaunut butter, mushrooms, and very aged cheese like blue cheese are not good for candida or IC! (almond butter and I LOVE Maisey Jane’s Organic Smooth-you can buy it on AMazon-so superior to many almond butters). Another note of caution for coconut. She has found this to be incredibly harsh for IC, especially if consumed regularly because of its antibacterial qualities. REmember even natural antibacterials kill bad AND good bacteria. Also popcorn and coconut and oats are only ok in moderation AFTER the gut is REALLY healed. They are like sandpaper otherwise.

I really recommend her dissertation. In particular, the middle section with case studies and SIBO discussion. It is CHinese Medicine but it is REALY fascinating.If you find you are not making the progress you are hoping for, do let me know as the ICAMA approach is a little different than what you are doing and could be very helpful.

So great to hear you can enjoy a glass of wine. I am so looking forward to this!!