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At first when I was diagnosed with IC I was on all kinds of drugs and strict to the IC diet. Then I started looking at the hormone connection as I was perimenopausal. Estrogen helped somewhat but not all the way. But, what about other people with this IC disease. We have very young girls, even children with the problem and also men? Hormones do not explain the problem for them so there must be another factor. It wasn’t until I had to get a colonoscopy that I made the bowel/bladder connection and luckily I found SIBO connection.

When I first started addressing the diet for SIBO I went to a nutritionist to get help. From there they recommended the Paleo diet. I do eat meat, but not like that diet recommends and really did not like it at all. Also I took the following out of my diet: soy, peanuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, all grains, certain veggies and fruit…even this diet was difficult. I think I do have issues with soy as I went to have sushi the other nite and within one hour I felt sick, my husband and I ate exactly the same thing and he was fine.

I was also taking BPP which is a digestive supplement (Thorne Institute) and still use Peptogest – an enteric coated peppermint oil disgestive aid. Then came trying to build back my nutrients in general as I knew I also had malabsorption problems. This included a quality B vitamin supplement (B vitamins are a no, no for IC because they irritate the bladder) but I did not have a problem with them and they really make me feel better.

I also drink what I call my daily sludge: 1 scoop Vegasport (has all kinds of digestive enzymes and over 5400 mg of L-Glutamine (good for people that have gut issues). I also take Bone Up by Jarrow (multimineral supplement); Quercetin/Bromelain (aids in calming down irritants) and a multi vitamin. Put all of this into a blender, add a handful of berries and a packed handful of good lettuce or spinach and one cup of unsweetened almond milk. Blend this all up and drink throughout the day. Very helpful for the gut.

As far as drinking, there are some things you can drink but not overdo it. I concentrate on drinking one cup of very dry white wine with my dinner. The wine helps digest the food. I have not had any problem with this at all.

I turned to Norms diet because the Paleo, SCD and FODMAP diet were confusing and conflicting and Norm’s diet makes sense. Although I think I will still avoid the soy as I appear to have a problem with this and maybe even gluten.

I have IBS-C and it is a battle. Drink plenty of water and in some cases when it is bad I take rescue supplement…magnesium citrate. Also, you can still be classified as having constipation if you have bowels everyday. I make sure I have a bowel everyday as I don’t need a backup occurring from the large intestine!