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Bearsmom – yes, I can have a glass of wine or a bottle of hard cider, etc. now without problems. I only ever had one glass at a time, once in a while with a dinner before,, so this is back to normal for me.

Please eat the Jasmine rice – I goofed and cut out almost all carbs when I started the diet including the rice (was only at 10-20 carbs total a day). I went into ketosis (body switched to burning fats) and I lost a lot of weight until I figured that out. Since Jasmine rice is negative FP points, it should not make it into the intestines or cause any symptoms. Sticky rice does have some FP points, so I would stick to Jasmine.

Pam, I totally agree with you. It was all of the traditional doctors telling me to go on the no/low acid diets (like Dropping Acid) and acid blocking medicines that led me to research on my own and find Norm’s website & book (my symptoms increased x10 on those traditional plans). Once I tried FTD and improved so much, I had follow-up appointments with those traditional doctors and they all looked at me like I was crazy and dismissed the approach as quackery. Needless to say, I have switched doctors and found ones that are open to the FTD and food-based approach instead of pushing meds. A big help was finding a Nutritionist (not dietician) who was an RN and now a MS in Nutrition whose ideas are complimentary to Norm’s.