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Well, really not much skill is needed to make just plain bread…
I have tried several different gluten free bread recipes in the past, but it’s much harder because the structure provided by the gluten is missing.

The best gluten free recipe that I ever found (that used rice and buckwheat flour among other things) used powdered psyllium seed husks to provide the structure, and that will make the FP much higher, as it consists of dietary fiber and nothing else. I could go back and do a rough calculation for that recipe and see if I could substitute some of th high-FP ingredients.

A propos tapioca starch, I have searched for it in several stores and haven’t found it. At one health food store, they told me that they carried arrowroot instead, but I didn’t buy it because I didn’t know the FP. Is it posted somewhere here in the forums? I couldn’t find it… My Asian shop had tapioca pearls, but that’s not what is meant by tapioca starch, is it?