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Pam I TOTALLY AGREE that the western “IC” diet is useless. One thing that Dr. Brizman recommends is to be warry initially of high vitamin foods such as extra virgin olive oil. This is not forever, but can cause a lot of pain when there is already a pain/inflammtion process underway in the body. Things like flax and oatmeal are really irritating to the gut and should be avoided until fully healed.

Pam, how long until you started to get some relief from you symptoms? Could you please describe your trajectory of healing? I have been working with Dr. Brizman for two years and my bladder is a lot better, but my constipation and bloating are VERY stubborn.She says this is from dysbiosis. She is also treating me for candida overgrowth along with the SIBO, the two seem to go hand in hand. I am only really on day 2 of the diet, which is not too fare from her diet, except to pay more attention to the type of rice I am eating (NO rice cakes, no whole grain spelt bread, no apples) I have maybe a small reduction in gas, so I am hopeful.THanks so much for any thoughts. I would say we should be in touch off line, but I am not sure how to do that through this forum as it does not have a seperate private contact form.