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So excited to get a post on this. I really need to link this up to the IC Help page. Not sure how I got SIBO could have been multiple things. All I can say is I do have it and addressing this is the only thing that has SIGNIFICANTLY helped my 10 year struggle with IC. Probably the most prominent document about IC/SIBO connection is the Turnbull Study. Its about 30 pages long and can be found on the internet. I found by just Google IC+SIBO. Also what is interesting is that of those that have fibro, 100% tested positive for SIBO. There is a significant connection between the electronic signals between the bowel and the bladder.

What is even worse is I know a lot of people struggling with IC thru my group and have really pushed getting the SIBO test at minimum it is so much easier to potentially rule out this possibility. The tests and all the stuff they put you through to fix you is painful, despressing and expensive. I was literally days before agreeing to a very expensive, invasive surgery that ultimately would not have done anything for me.

And, the IC diet is soooo acid buffering. Take all these antiacid stuff, alkalinize the body and on and on. Telling you these foods are ok and which ones or not okay. The problem is, if you do their diet, it is almost opposite of a SIBO diet! You just get worse, no matter how much you follow it.

And since my last post, my 22 year old daughter, also about to go thru exploratory surgery for chronic pelvic pain, just tested positive for SIBO and a good friend of my 8 years of undiagnosed diarrhea finally tested for SIBO and is positive. First diagnosis yet that she had ever had. Really interesting stuff.