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This is SUPER exciting to read. I too have IC, and I work with a holistic Dr., Dr. Matia Brizman, who recognized the relationship between IBS, SIBO and leaky gut, 20 years ago (yes, 20 years ago) and has been using an integrative approach using Classical Chinese Medicine, probiotics and a diet that controls for inflammation with very good success. You can buy her dissertation on line. A bit dense and her thinking has evolved but it is still an interesting read. Also the model of health and disease in chinese medicine is a 180 from the way it is viewed in the west. Her route is a tough one, (NO sugar, alchohol or yeast, vinegar or fungal foods while healing) and she slowly introduces foods back in but advises to never go back to daily sugar and alchohol. She takes a VERY holistic approach to treating IC and she sees SIBO as only one part. Some of the issues that Dr. Robillard touches on in his IBS book (gut motility, etc..) are addressed from a Chinese Medicine perspective in her practice. The questions to ask with a serious chronic illness such as IC (which by the way has many comorbidities including Fibro, CFS, GERD, Arthritis, neruological issues, etc…) is what were the pre-existing conditions in the body, such that SIBO and other imbalances were allowed to occur? If one looks very carefully back through there personal medical history one can find all kinds of predisposing factors that would prevent the body from working optimally and would create an environment for disease. This would include early exposure to antibiotics as a child (See the book Missing Microbes, by Dr. Martin Blaser), chronic use of chemical birth control, which dries out mucosal tissue from tip to tail, creating a breeding ground for bad bactieria; stress in early childhood, leading to constipation or diarrhea, steroids, NSAIDS, overuse of “natural” herbal products that are too harsh or cleansing, long term vegetarian diet (sorry, but this is a pattern she sees often), disordered eating (skipping meals, eating too many carbs at meals, anorexia, bulemia). All of these things contribute to chronic illness, and if one has a predisposition for a weak kidney/bladder then IC can result.