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Health quest, per Norms suggestions to others, I would 150% persue the Fast Track Diet option for a full month at least before resorting to ABX.

Don’t give up on holistic medicine/ingegrative medicine. You have been sick for 20 years, a few rounds of ABX is not going to be a cure-all and will likely create other severe imbalances in your body.

I personally would lood for an integrative medicine or NAtropath that specializes in GUT HEALTH, or consult here with NOrm before resorting to ABX!. Dr. Chris DEcker has a lot of success treating complex gut issues. I am not personally working with her but with a Classically Trained Chinese Medicine Doctor that specializes in IBS with an integrated East/West approach.

Dont give up and remember that there are NO quick fixes. Chronic health issues are DEEP imbalances within the body and take time and care to heal.