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I find some of these issues regarding sweeteners to be a mystery. Take agave, for example. It is berated in the holistic community as an EVIL sweetener (LOL). And yet, my holistic doctor has used it with her patients in her holistic practice for 20 YEARS as a safe alternative sweetener. She treats Interstitial Cystitis, and MANY of her patients have IBS as a precursor, SIBO, GERD, Fybromyalgia, Fatigue, etc…. When they are rebalanced (In Classical Chinese Medicine this means ALL the organ systems functioning more optimally) then organic, raw agave in moderation is not a problem AT ALL for her patients, and a much gentler approach than table sugar which we all know now contributes to cancer and heart disease. Mmany of her patients have had candida overgrowth also. People risk relapse when they eat sugar, and NOT when they use maple syrup, maple sugar, brown rice syrup and agave in moderation.

A biased, but interesting letter about Agave:

Agave may lower risk of diabetes