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Thank you Norm, both for your good wishes and for sharing your ground-breaking research with the World! I have been giving people your advice – everyone’s system is unique, so get to a baseline diet like the FTD two-week plan and then try adding things back in until you figure out what works for you. For me, my problem turned out to be starches and grains. It may take a while for the damage to the digestive system to heal as well. People often ask if the FTD is a “cure” and can they go back to eating the way they used to. The mindset needs to be identifying & developing a lifestyle change that allows us to function optimally. Once I did that, I don’t feel deprived – I feel empowered and look forward to eating what makes me feel healthy & energized. And I can eat all of those “no-no” foods from the traditional Dropping Acid diet, so hurray for coffee, chocolate, spices, tomatoes & peppers, alcohol, etc. Focus on and enjoy the good things you can eat instead of those you can’t. 🙂

I have been spreading the word about the FTD (sort of an FTD Ambassador, ha ha). I will keep checking in – hang in there everyone!