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Hi All!

Its been a while since I’ve been on the forum, so I thought I would check in. Glad to say, its been 10 months on the FTD, and I am doing great! Finding Norm’s book & website changed my life. On top of virtually eliminating my LPR, getting rid of the whole grains, potatoes, beans & similar foods has given me more energy – no more afternoon slumps. It also virtually eliminated my rosacea, so I now think the undigested carbs were making it into the bloodstream to feed the agents causing the rosacea (and if I cheat, I get flare-ups). My weight is right where it should be, and stays that way without worrying about calories and no cravings. I have had no IBS either. A sign my digestion/nutrition is optimal = my fingernails are perfect and growing like crazy – never had nails like this in my life despite eating a whole-food, unprocessed diet for 15+ years prior. I worried about the lack of fiber from eliminating the whole grains, etc., but having lots of salads & veggies & water has kept me regular.

I still take a digestive enzyme with high amylase for digesting carbs, and a mild HCL/digestive supplement called Zypan, but have skipped them at some meals without issues and may wean off those too.

I do not count FP points anymore, just try to stay away from breads/grains/potatoes/beans and stick to meats, veggies, dairy (tolerate lactose fine), and some fruit. I can eat a piece of pizza, but don’t eat the outside crust. I can eat a wrap sandwich, but pull off as much of the wrap as I can, etc. I am living a mostly normal life now, able to eat out at restaurants and functions. Feeling good and looking good – so pleased with the FTD approach.

Thank you Norm, and everyone on the forum – you saved my life! To those who are trying the FTD – hang in there, it is SO worth it.

~ Jaeme K. 🙂