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An interesting query… I would surmise that because the GI is most often indicative of starches/sugars that readily break down, even with the addition of fat, these starches and sugars are still digesting easily and will therefore be absorbed quicker than other starches and sugars that don’t break down as readily (amylose/fructose). The key, as Norm points out in his book, is to not eat a lot of them at one sitting!
But then there are those foods like french bread that have a high GI not because of the type of starch but because of the nature of it – it is made with flour – ground grain, which increases the GI and unlike other breads, it is made without fat to give it that awesome texture. So then you eat it with Brie and you pretty much have the same product as regular bread made with fat.
Yup, it’s a head scratcher! I really think it comes down to quantity eaten at one sitting. Try as we might to come up with substitutes for those goodies we love, we still need to limit those dense carb foods – even the high GI ones.
Here’s a nice way to eat brie:
Looks good hey?!