Norm Robillard
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Hi Yvonne,
Thanks for reading my book and posting on the site. Whether to continue taking omeprazole or not is a decision for you and your doctor. However you might want to share my blog article on GERD and asthma ( with your doctor. Here is a quote from the article:
“In an attempt to understand the connection between GERD and asthma, large multicenter studies were conducted to determine if treatment of GERD with potent PPI drugs would reduce asthma symptoms and improve lung function in poorly controlled asthmatics that had GERD or silent GERD. Studies with the PPI drugs lansoprazole and esomeprazole were conducted to determine if the treatment of GERD with these drugs would have a positive impact on asthma. In each case, the drugs did not improve asthma symptoms or lung function (44,45).”
There is no evidence that PPI drugs help with asthma, so why do doctors keep prescribing them for this condition?

It’s possible that more time will be needed for the diet to improve your asthma and throat symptoms. This has been noted by several people using the diet for LPR. I am convinced – based on the fact that fundoplication operations improve asthma – that stopping the reflux with the Fast Tract Diet is a solid approach. However, to be fair, there have been no definitive clinical studies to prove my supposition.