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Hello Dr. Robillard,

Before reading your book I had weaned myself off of omrepazole which was not an easy task. I had read up on long term side affects of usage of it. I started to see my asthma sysmptoms flare up once I stopped using the omprepazole.
I then came across your book and read it. I started the eating plan for digestion a few weeks ago. I see a big difference in the way I feel as far as the symptoms of my sliding hiatel hernia. However, my asthma still seems to be acting up. I have to clear my throat a lot throughout the day, so much so that my throat feels raw. And I have a dry cough and some tightness in my chest. (My asthma has been well controlled for many years. Once a year I would have a flare up when I would get a cold) All this started when I went off of the omprepazole. My asthma Dr. wants me go back on omrepazole. She says to keep my asthma under control I need to go back on omrepazole. She has told me that my asthma affects my sliding hiatel hernia and vice versa. I really don’t want to do that. Do you have any suggestions that I may try to relieve the symptoms without going back on omrepazole? Thank you! Yvonne