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This is my first post 🙂 I purchased the book about two weeks ago and was excited to try and add some carbs as I would like to gain some weight and am trying to get pregnant currently. I have SIBO with constipation but have taken antibiotics for it and am feeling significantly better (rifaximin and neomycin-was treated at NCNM clinic). I’m writing because I see that Buckwheat is listed as a “High” fermentable but Buckwheat pancakes are listed as a “Low” fermentable. Does someone know why this is? Has anyone with constipation or SIBO experimented with the Buckwheat pancakes and is there a specific pre-made flour mix for these pancakes that the table in the book is referring to? Has anyone experimented with Tapioca Flour? I am a little confused about FP with tapioca flour for baking.

In terms of what has helped me with my symptoms overall, I have noticed a lot of improvement through avoiding fruit-of all kind-probably because of the fructose aggravating SIBO. I also have found that so far I can eat puffed rice cakes which was quite exciting going from no grains 🙂 We’ll see about other things going forward.