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Norm Robillard
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Hi DK, I agree – fats can decrease the glycemic index. While this is true, I still maintain it’s better to consume higher GI carbs than lower for avoiding GI symptoms. The GI of jasmine rice is much higher than basmati rice. Even though the GI of both can be influenced by fat, I would rather take my chances with the jasmine rice. The same comparison can be done between any carbohydrate-containing foods. They test for the GI of any food using a 50 gram net carb servings (without added fat) comparing the results to 50 grams of glucose in each case. I love Jay’s site, but the argument in the article is flawed in one respect when it makes the point that white and wheat bread have higher GIs than table sugar. The reason is the presence of fructose in table sugar which has a very low GI. The reason both are similar to one another likely has more to do with the milling of the flour.