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I just ordered the book and I’m hoping I see some relief with the FTD. I have had GERD, then a nissen surgery, then I found out that I have had LPR for so many years, hence the sinus, bronchial, hoarse voice problems. I only eat chicken, turkey, and fish, no chocolate, no tomatoes, no gassy veggies, no mint, no alcohol, no carbonated drinks, few sweets, no nuts, am lactose intolerant so no dairy and I have been on nexium 2x a day and zantag at night, sleep on a special wedge, and was following the drop Acid diet BUT what has happened is I’ve dropped 20 lbs in 5 months. Also, don’t know if it is from the new meds, but I now vascilate between very loose stools several times a day for most of the week and then some hard stools. Dr.’s have given up, so I am praying I can see some relief with this diet. Has anybody had success with this diet and LPR????