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This is my first post on the LPR forum. I was diagnosed with LPR in mid-August when I went to an ENT for sore throat that had been hanging on since at least last spring. I sing with church choir and a community choir, and I was afraid that my sore throat and hoarseness was going to be the end of my singing. The doctor scoped my throat and said all was well except the redness in my throat/vocal cord area. No nodules or lesions or anything. He gave me a prescription for Prilosec to take for 6 weeks twice a day. I had taken Prilosec 7 or 8 years ago when I weighed 75 more pounds than I do now. I had bad heartburn then and trouble swallowing, etc. Had and endoscopy done by gastroenterologist. He said I had a hiatal hernia. He put me on Nexium then switched me to Prilosec and I stayed on it until 6 months after I re-joined Weight Watchers. At that point I had lost about 50 pounds and found that I didn’t need the Prilosec any more. I have stayed on Weight Watcher program, now maintaining for over 6 years. As I progressed with Weight Watchers I began to see the benefits of the whole foods approach of their Simply Filling program and had given up most processed foods long ago. I was really surprised when the doctor said acid reflux in my throat. After taking the Prilosec for a couple of weeks, I started reading everything I could find on the internet about LPR. What I found was a huge variety of conflicting opinions about the causes and cures of LPR. The first thing I saw was the bad effects of the PPIs. Then I read Chris Kresser’s opinions about beating this disease by making dietary changes. I started cutting carbs and everything else that was mentioned, but it was like a shotgun approach without focus. Then I read Dr. Robillard’s Fast Tract Digestion book and decided this was something do-able. I have been following the program for 3 weeks now and most days have no sore throat at all. I still have some hoarseness, and my doctor said that part does take longer to heal. I wanted to continue following my Weight Watcher program as much as possible. The carbs that I was taking away for FTD weren’t anything I was required to have. The first week was tough. I couldn’t believe I was weighing lettuce. I chose not to eat the recipes and meal plan in the book because they included a lot of things that I gave up a long time ago and didn’t want to go back to them. Instead I used the food charts to figure out the FP numbers on the food that I normally eat and stayed within the 30 point guideline for the first week. Moved up to 40 points the second week since I was having such good results. Now I am trying to stay under 45 and have succeeded most days.
I have a question that has occurred to me and wonder if anyone else has any input. Background – I am 71, 5’4″ tall, weigh 134 pounds and exercise regularly, including fairly serious hiking in the Ozark hills/mountains and solo canoeing with a club. I take no prescription meds except Raloxifene (Evista) for my bones. I do take miscellaneous vitamins. Some of our hikes and canoe trips can be fairly strenuous. My husband and I have one hike that we regularly do near home. It is short and can be done in an hour, but the first 3/4 mile is loose rock and pretty much straight up, gaining 550′ of elevation in that distance. I huff and puff a lot. My nose starts running, whether or not it is hot out. In addition to the runny nose, I also get mucous in my throat and the throat soreness comes back, at least for most of the day. I am wondering if the strenuous activity is causing more reflux. Has there been any study done on strenuous exercise causing reflux? Perhaps this is similar to when restrictive clothing forces reflux. (My clothes are not restrictive in this case.)