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Hello again bliss,

It is easy to follow the Fast Tract diet without eating meat. Fish and tofu have very low FP. Eggs, cheese, and jasmine rice are all very low or zero FP foods. Most vegetables are very low FP with the exception of peas, corn, plantains, and yams. If you want potatoes, choose redskin, Yukon gold or fingerling, but do not have too many. Melon is good as well as some berries. Limited quantities of lower FP nuts are fine.

I simply kept my FP totals down to 10 or less per meal, 30 per day. Cheese and olive oil can add calories as well as dressings on salads. You do not have to make the recipes, but keep a count of the FP of the foods you choose to eat. If you do decide to make a recipe from the book, the cheesecake is very good (cover the outer edges with some foil or the top of the crust will burn). Certain breads, like French baguettes, have very low FP. Milk is not the best choice, but you can have heavy cream and drink soy or almond milk. Breyers lactose free vanilla ice cream is allowed at 5 FP for 1/2 cup serving.

I initially lost weight, but leveled off. Just eat enough of the low FP foods, incorporating some of the higher calorie ones. I think you will find it’s easier to gain weight if you include some starch (a little potatoes and low FP bread). I’m not going to advocate for drinking alcohol, but dry wine is low FP as well as light beer and some grain alcohols. Consult the book for quantity guidelines. The charts in the back of the book are very helpful. Get yourself a kitchen scale so you can weigh foods in grams and ounces. All the best to you!