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Thanks for sharing JI – so appreciative! I am glad to hear you are feeling so well and seem to have gotten it under control with such mastery and self advocacy.
I just felt whammed when I heard that after all I do to maintain a healthy life responsibly, I never believed this could happen to me – and I have not taken this so well – so it is really comforting to be supported though virtual through the kindness of people like you.

The biggest concern I have now is that I lost over 3 lbs. in the 2 weeks I was on the induction phase of Dr Koufman’s low acid diet and I am too thin. I am going to transition to Dr Robillard’s fast track once I can absorb the concept – it seems a bit daunting at first glance. If you or anyone could enlighten me about maintaining gaining and weight I would be grateful and for tips for the FT diet.

I also have a meditation practice and utilize my teacher’s guided mediations from the Nalanda Institute website. I have not been adhering to my routine since the shock of this and transformation period and really need to get back on track. I am also currently going through some intense personal stuff. I will attempt my routine of daily yoga and walking/running for tranquility – it truly calms me. thanks again.
very best bliss