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Hi Bliss,
It is ji. I think many things have helped me. I started on the low FP Fast Tract diet a little over a year ago. I felt improvement pretty quickly. I am not as strict as I used to be, but I make sure not to eat too many carbs and sugars. I do cheat on holidays and special occasions.

My doctor found out I have non-acid as opposed to acid reflux through 24 hour ph testing. I used to be so frustrated because I had no relief from PPI’s or by following the usual recommended diet for acid reflux, i.e. bland, no spices, no fat. And I used to get terrible heartburn. I still get mild throat soreness, but it is not too bad. When I need help, I use Gaviscon which I order from the U.K. The U.S. version has aluminum and not as much of the active ingredient, sodium alginate; so I feel the U.K. version is better.

I believe that learning to relax has helped me a great deal. That is where the yoga comes into play. In my opinion, walking is beneficial for reducing stress and improving digestion. I have also had some acupuncture treatments. I think they help. This is what has helped me along my path to healing. Good luck on your healing journey.