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Hi Norm and greetings to other Fast Track Dieters,
It has been 3 months now since I started the FTD. (See July 9th entry above). It was sometimes tough, but not terribly tough. Maybe the hardest part was being hungry all the time. You just have to eat many times a day. It hasn’t been too hard to resist favorite carbo-filled foods of the past. The biggest motivation to carry on has been to get rid of those horrible upper respiratory symptoms that strongly reduced the quality of my life and threatened to shorten my career as a profi-trumpeter. For those who are interested, here is a brief summary of my experience until now: Shortly after I bought the book and started the diet, I also booked consultations with Norm. They were very helpful and inspired me to keep at it. Although small, the first improvement came after about ten days. Then it stayed the same for about another two weeks. On Aug. 7th there was suddenly a very noticeable improvement. The reflux was not so often, and mostly in the morning. My sinuses were problem free, but I still had a sore throat and my lungs were not completely free. Around this time I had four sessions with an Osteopath over the next two weeks. He massaged and adjusted my diaphragm, stomach and LES. I really believe that that helped a bit.
My orchestra season started in the middle of Aug. but I was still having frequent reflux until 1 PM or so. My throat was no longer very sore but very red and often feeling hot. My symptoms stayed the same for about another 4 weeks, but I started to notice that my reflux was not really acidic anymore. It was pepsin or bile. Around the end of September came another improvement. My lungs were completely free! Also my throat was less red with no more hotness. Plus I have less frequent reflux, even in the morning. I feel good and relieved. My life has returned to normal except without the carbs. I lost 24 pounds in the process, but my weight has stabilized at about 150. I still stick mostly to the lower FP’s but have slowly started to add some moderate ones in the last week or so without any problems. The bottom line is the Fast Track Diet has worked for me.
Thanks again Norm! And to my fellow FTDers, stick with the low FP’s and don’t give up!
Tom S.
P.S. Extra Tip! Look for low-carb soy flour wafer-like crackers to put cheese and coldcuts between and lots of baggies filled with nuts for when you are out of the house!