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Good Day to All!

hope you are all on the mend or cured!

This is my first post and second attempt – the one I began just disappeared so if you see a partial post from me – apologies!

I was clueless about GERD and LPR until the otolaryngologist alerted me after she scoped me – I was in disbelief because I have great G.I. function.
I have been on a predominantly gluten free “live” food regime for 6–isn years with some sustainably farmed fish – ocean fish frightens me now – (hoping for responsible fish farms to become a viable solution with purified water and quality plant feed)
As Dr. Robillard requested in one of his posts, vegan protein would consist of as much organic portions of the following; raw hulled hemp seed, raw nuts, almonds, brazils, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, limited sprouted tofu (phytoestrogen cautious) as well as lots of dark green vegetables such as arugala (being mindful of the thyroid issues that could happen with these – I do not have any problems with this – touch wood!) but not having gotten the ebook yet today, I do not know if these will work for me anymore. I eat lactofermented raw sauer kraut, avocados, fruit – I try to stay on a hypoglycemic based regime with the “live” foods and limited carbohydrates for more energy – I have been eating gluten free quinoa since attempting Dr Koufman’s low acid diet for about a week because I am hungry all the time.
I have been adding 1/4 teaspoon to each zero water filtered glass of water because my tap water is acidic per litmus paper. I tried the Santevia? alkaline filter stick and it doesn’t work – it is going back.
I know we do need correct amounts of acid to absorb our food but believe too much is what triggers the misbehaved pepsin.

Has anyone had their nasal passages tested as well for pepsin?

Does anyone know if peptests are being offered domestically without sending to U.K.?

This situation may have occurred because I have always eaten before bedtime – NOT ANYMORE! I also practiced inversions after eating before sleeping to calm down!
and sometimes a teensy bite before practicing yoga – which I was practicing about 5 times a week because I am usually hungry.

I am disciplined so I am a great candidate for this diet.

I was linked to this website via LPT2013 who said to check out Dr Robillard and JAEME posts via Healthboards via google search. It seems as though most people have NOT had success with the Koufman low acid diet and feel Dr Robillard’s works.

I have two really important questions for Dr. Robillard –
• Can one be completely cured of this?
• Will I not be able to practice yoga until this is resolved?

I need yoga to calm me – I have been practicing most of my life – a few decades and was certified to teach in 2002, so I am hoping to get this taken care of.

I am trying to get an urgent appointment with a GE that seems to connect nutrition and behavior with digestion and absorption and if anyone has any tests that they think would be important, please advise.

I would love to hear some personal pointers about doing this efficiently from all who have had success. Is there a way to communicate in a more detailed way other than posts on this website?

Thank you Dr Robillard for your wisdom and compassion

Thanks in advance to everyone else for theirs too!

very best!