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Addressing SIBO. Went thru the regular protocol. Rifaximin, made me feel a little sick, then went on Berberine and Allicin (herbal antibiotics), then really watch my diet. So confused over which diet tho. Norm’s book really helped me with this understanding the fermentation factor. I also take a digestive enzyme with each meal. Also drink my daily sludge which is made from a VegaSport (contains L-Glutamine and digestive enzymes) and add coconut milk, plus a big handful of veggies and berries and grind this all up in my cheapo blender with my other supplements and drink throughout the day. I think the sludge has really helped me. I have not been retested for SIBO since antibiotics but I feel better than anything else I have tried for over 10 years; truly remarkable.

Others that have IC or any pelvic Pain or Fibro issues may want to reference the Turnbull Study “Systemic Signs of Underlying Digestive Dysfunction and Disease” this 30 page report has some interesting findings of relationship with SIBO and these diseases and a good one to take with you to the doctor.