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Hi, I’m just trying to figure out which book I should buy. I am new to Fast Tract and I want to get either Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn or IBS, just not sure which it if I should get both. I have severe Gerd with non-acid reflux that often wakes me up choking. I also deal with bloating (sometimes quite sever) dependin upon what I eat, and constipation. I also often feel a tightness in my abdomine below my ribs that makes it hard to sing or diaphragm breathe. What will help me better, the heartburn FTD book or the IBS, since I may have both? I also have questions on some of the other diets like SCD. I saw that this is covered in the IBS book, but is it covered in the FTD Heartburn book as well? Thanks so much!