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I’m sorry that you have been suffering this long – it’s been a year of symptoms this time around (I’ve had gastro problems before) and that’s enough to make me crazy. There are many insightful, knowledgeable people hanging out here, and I hope they will chime in. I will add my very anecdotal two cents and tell you that I now realize that many more of us could be dealing with pathogenic parasites than we know. I tested negative for parasites. I was given a stool test only once, very soon after I had returned to the Mid-Atlantic USA after an overseas trip. They also tested for gallbladder, liver, and gluten problems. Nothing came back as a problem. I agreed to take Rifaximin. Didn’t help, didn’t really seem to hurt. I know that this group is not pro-antibiotics, and I agree, but I am just mentioning the Rifaximin because it’s part of the story. The last suggestion from the gastro doc was to try a FODMAP diet. I had already been following the Fast Tract diet, but I agreed to try FODMAP for a month. Not surprisingly FODMAP did not resolve the symptoms or problems. Last visit the doctor suggested Flagyl for 10 days. This echoed exhortations I had received from friends who are retired missionaries and just insisted that it was time for me to see an infectious disease specialist. It’s day 8 of the Flagyl; it’s totally kicking me (side effects of nausea, headaches, horrid metallic taste etc) but I can actually tell that I am getting better. I had gotten to the point where it was clear that I was building up to a seriously nasty fructose intolerance. Any fructose was causing me awful bloat and pain. Since being on Flagyl I have pushed the boundaries and eaten apples 4 days out of the eight. No negative reactions so it looks like I have a winner. I know it’s not everyone’s issue, but I think it’s worth considering taking the Flagyl and Cefuroxime. Sounds like you have a awesome doctor btw; I would love to find a general practitioner like that!