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Ronnie, I’m currently on 40mg of Pantoprazole as well and I believe it has recently stopped working because I am getting burning in my throat again and coughing on stuff coming up alot. I’ve been on PPI since Jan of this year. How did you lower your Pantoprazole at first? Do you take it morning and night? I’m really nervous because yesterday I got brave since I’ve been cutting out grains & sugar (only about 2 or 3 days so far) and I decided to skip my morning pill. Boy that was a bad idea! I thought I was doing ok, but I ended up with heartburn in the evening and had to take my pill at night because it got bad and then I was up all night with reflux that kept making me choke! Ugh! The whole weaning process seems scary. Just how did you go about it? Thanks so much for sharing!