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Norm Robillard
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Interesting article. Thanks for the link Andrea. Identifying alternatives to sugar is no easy task! But given the problems with sucrose and fructose, it’s worth it IMO. Having said that, anything chemically synthesized deserves caution and a thorough and ongoing evaluation. Of course, even natural alternative sweeteners (stevia and erythritol, for example) need to be carefully evaluated as well. As any wild mushroom hunter knows, there are some pretty deadly toxins in nature.

Though the authors reported a blunting of glucose tolerance with saccharin, sucralose and aspartame, paper is really about saccharin. I am reading the paper now but have written one of the authors for the extended methods and data.

I don’t know much about how microbes interact or not, with saccharin or aspartame, early studies reported that a wide variety of bacteria tested did not metabolize sucralose. One thing the paper did not address was how bacteria are interacting with these sweeteners.

I could understand an effect on glucose tolerance if for instance, bacterial production of propionate was affected as this particular end product is a source of blood sugar via the liver with gluconeogenisis. I am also interested in the control treatments (how much sugar was used, etc) and how the glucose tolerance test was performed – how much sugar, etc.

As always, I am keeping an open mind to new science while scrutinizing the methods and interpretation of the results.