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Have you tried eliminating dairy entirely and going back to some carbs since you are still suffering with LPR?

With me I found that dairy was the cause of my LPR which I had for a couple years. It got as bad as a constant red and sore throat, most irritating lump when swallowing, back pain, join pain, and anxiety which doubled everything.

Doctors told me to take PPIs for the rest of my life, but those helped zero so I stopped. I started on vitamin D since I was low and that helped.

Its odd how something in the cows milk was causing joint pain and LPR symptoms. Also too it takes about 12-24 hours after eating dairy for me to feel the signs of having done that. My throat/voice takes a good couple weeks to heal back and feel fine, but the back and joints go back to normal fairly quickly… 2-4 days after eating perhaps a cup of yogurt.

I found if I’m good and don’t eat dairy for a couple weeks I can sneak in some cheese on a pizza or a sammich without major problems, but something like pancakes or jogurt is totally not worth it.

all the best