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I too purchased the kindle version from Amazon (because I wanted to get the book quickly) and I don’t like going to the kindle for the list of low/med/high FP Table foods in Appendix C. I have blastocystis hominis, dybiosis, leaky gut etc. I just completely an extensive program to heal my gut (supplements, food, meditation) to rid my body of the blastocystis hominis and balance my intestinal flora (stated in January 2014 finished in July 2014). The program was through an alternative health personal in Florida. I have been presented with GERD within the last 3 weeks that has progressively gotten worse. I also have headaches, constipation, lack of focus and I’m not sleeping. I drink plenty of water (minimum half my body weight) and take I have started to take magnesium for the constipation. By the way, I am 6 Feet tall and weigh 145 pounds. I have been reading that Basto Hominis (enteric protozoa parasite) likes fiber and probiotics. I further understand, that the only way to rid your body of this is a 3 drug cocktail (Centre for Digestive Diseases Australia). Are you familiar with Blasto hominis and can you help me? Or can you refer me to someone. (I am following your program in the interim.) Kind regards,