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thanks for replying
I’m also following the FODMAP diet and the fermented foods are not allowed so I haven’t tried to see if I can tolerate them (although I’m not sure if I need to follow the FODMAP – that’s the diet I was following before I found the FTD protocol).
Also, that’s a LOT of food. Until I found the FTD protocol, I literally couldn’t eat for days at a time so my stomach isn’t used to that much food. It’s only because of the FTD procotol that I can even have 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. I’ve been aiming for 1 cup of greens a day and that’s been a lot for me. The past week or so I’ve been on a different brand of probiotics that’s about the time that I started getting slightly more constipated and bloated. I’m inclined to think that maybe these new probiotics are the culprit?
Someone on this thread recommended these probiotics:
because they don’t have the strain of bacteria that are implicated in causing excess gas? I think I’ll switch to that brand for a bit and see how I do.