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I’ve been on the FTD protocol for about 2 weeks now. It has helped relieve me of about 80-90% of my symptoms (depending on the day), which is great considering I couldn’t even eat or drink prior to this diet. But, I find that I’m still constipated and can’t fully empty my bowels. I just finished my last dose of antibiotics (I had severe SIBO), I take 100 Billion probiotics every day ( – recommended by my GI). I keep my daily FP total below 30 (usually around 20-25). Magnesium citrate, citracel, miralax, and all these similar types of laxatives only serve to make things worse. I can only have a bowel movement with stimulant laxatives (I have extremely poor motility and I do take prescription medication for that). I also stay away from FODMAP foods
I’m wondering, is there something in the FTD protocol that I’m forgetting to follow?
Or, is this an additional problem to the SIBO? Is it due to the antibiotics I was taking?
Should I be concerned about leaky gut? (although if it is leaky gut, i’d have so many restrictions, I don’t know what I would be able to eat anymore)
Do i just need to give this more time?
I try to drink as much as I can, but with the constipation if I drink too much, I get really bloated. I can drink about 4-6 glasses a day at most.