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Hi Scott–Acid rebound from weaning off PPI’s is hell, but it’s not a forever thing. In my case, the acid rebound lasted maybe a week. I was on PPI’s to no avail because testing showed I have non-acid instead of acid reflux. Yes, you can start the diet while on PPI’s and then wean off very slowly. You can look up weaning off PPI’s online and read other people’s experiences. The People’s Pharmacy is a very helpful website.

Some of the forum participants have found great relief with DGL licorice, marshmallow root, and slippery elm. All can be purchased online or at health food stores. Also, the prescription drug Carafate, which is primarily prescribed for healing ulcers, has helped many people. The off-label use is for the treatment of acid reflux disease. Good luck in your healing journey. You will get lots of support here.