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Scott L
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hi Norm/ all.

Quick background, I am a 23 year old male who throughout his life maybe had 2-3 instances of GERD and otherwise was completely fine. This last April, I developed extreme stomach pain that was ultimately felt to be an ulcer. I was put on omeprazole 40mg which provided complete relief. Then when I tried to taper off Prilosec after one month I had some dyspepsia and it was recommended I I create back to 40mg daily. Eventually I decided to stop Prilosec altogether and take Zantac 150 twice a day. That went fine until about 7-8 days later I got hit with insane rebound. I had constant reflux and burning that lasted pretty much 24/7, only relief was if I ate nothing. My doctor ended up putting me back on pantoprazole this time 40mg twice daily. I eventually recovered and tried tapering more slowly, however once I got to 40mg daily I began to have increased bloating and burping after eating. Recently I increased back to 60mg daily and started the fast tract diet about 5 days ago. So far I think I’ve seen some improvement, though I still have difficulty if I eat anything close to what used to be a normal sized meal. I’m wondering if people on PPIs can still have success with this diet and ultimately can better wean off the PPI. Does it take longer to see the full effect if you are on a PPI? I really believe most of my issues relate to my PPI use as I really never had a problem with this previously. Thanks for all your support this is an incredibly frustrating process.